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What is it?

The University´s Social Service is the set of training activities and the application of knowledge that are carried out, on a mandatory and temporary basis, by students who are studying at the UABC, for the benefit or interest of marginalized sectors of the community.

What are the stages of Social Service?

  • 1st. Stage (Basic) - Community Social Service
  • 2nd. Stage (Terminal) - Professional Social Service (One year, after the internship for the Medical school Program).

What does the Community Social Service comprise?

The Community Social Service comprises a set of activities carried out by students aimed at strengthening the formation of values and that does not require a specific professional profile. This is achieved by providing a minimum of 300 hours that must be completed before covering 40% of the credits in the study plan and moving on to the disciplinary stage.

How can I complete my Community Social Service hours?

To start liberating community service hours, it is first necessary to participate and successfully accredit the Social Service Induction Workshop that is taught at the Mexicali Medical School (FMM) at the beginning of the semester. Otherwise, the hours cannot be liberated despite your participation in the activities.

Programs and Activities

In the portal of the Sistema Integral de Servicio Social, you can consult the catalog of social service programs that contains the current programs where you can participate to accredit hours of community social service. Massive programs are included; these are institutional programs such as the Red Cross, the Food Bank, the Telethon and other brigades.


Our Social network

Check out our Facebook page where you can look at the current FMM internal brigades for Medicine and Nutrition students:

Community Social Service FMM (Servsocial FMM): 

UABC Sweepstake

Through your participation at the UABC Sweepstake it is possible to free social service hours.


Frequently asked questions

How can I check my Social Service status?

Go to: https://serviciosocial.uabc.mx → Alumnos → Mi estado de servicio social.

Other websites of interest

Contact information

M.C.S Gabriela López Almada
Responsible for Academic Links with the Community
Mexicali Medical School 
Building A, 2nd floor
Tel. (686) 557-1622 Ext. 45315
Email: gabriela.lopez.almada@uabc.edu.mx

Dra. Ximena Castillo Tovar
Head of Community Social Service of Medicine school
Health Sciences Unit 
Tel. (686) 841-8600 Ext. 40270
Email: castillox@uabc.edu.mx